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Tamara Binnun

Tamara Binnun

.NET Framework Developer

Programmer and .NET Framework Developer (33 years old) residing in Petah Tikva, Israel.

Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science and Programming from Bar Ilan University.

(Final Project: Implementing a business information system [CRM] on asp.NET using the C# programming language.)

Eight years experience in finding solutions and project management for building and designing .NET and ASP.NET based systems (including HTML5 GUI for web platforms.)

Experienced in creating Google AdWords campaigns using the PPC search engine model. Also experienced in working with AdWords API.

Experienced in setting up and maintaining MS-SQL databases (including the development of related queries.)

Currently employed at Emun Systems ltd. (www.trustech.co.il) as a Fullstack Developer.

Previous position at A.S.Y.G Sites, Inc. as a Senior Developer and Webmaster of "Furniture Portal" (www.rahitim.co.il).

Server-side language experience under IIS servers includes: C#, VB.NET.

Client-side language experience includes: HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, ANGULAR.

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